geoh5py.groups package


geoh5py.groups.container_group module

class geoh5py.groups.container_group.ContainerGroup(group_type: geoh5py.groups.group_type.GroupType, **kwargs)[source]


The type for the basic Container group.

classmethod default_type_uid() uuid.UUID[source]

geoh5py.groups.custom_group module

class geoh5py.groups.custom_group.CustomGroup(group_type: geoh5py.groups.group_type.GroupType, **kwargs)[source]


A custom group, for an unlisted Group type.

classmethod default_type_uid() uuid.UUID | None[source]

geoh5py.groups.drillhole_group module

class geoh5py.groups.drillhole_group.DrillholeGroup(group_type: geoh5py.groups.group_type.GroupType, **kwargs)[source]


The type for the group containing drillholes.

classmethod default_type_uid() uuid.UUID[source]

geoh5py.groups.giftools_group module

class geoh5py.groups.giftools_group.GiftoolsGroup(group_type: geoh5py.groups.group_type.GroupType, **kwargs)[source]


The type for a GIFtools group.

classmethod default_type_uid() uuid.UUID[source] module

class geoh5py.groups.group_type.GroupType, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: geoh5py.shared.entity.Entity

Base Group class

add_comment(comment: str, author: Optional[str] = None)[source]

Add text comment to an object.

  • comment – Text to be added as comment.

  • author – Author’s name or contributors.

property comments

Fetch a CommentsData entity from children.

abstract classmethod default_type_uid() uuid.UUID | None[source]
property entity_type: geoh5py.groups.group_type.GroupType
classmethod find_or_create_type(workspace: workspace.Workspace, **kwargs) GroupType[source]

geoh5py.groups.group_type module

class geoh5py.groups.group_type.GroupType(workspace: workspace.Workspace, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: geoh5py.shared.entity_type.EntityType

property allow_delete_content: bool

bool: [True] Allow to delete the group children.

property allow_move_content: bool

bool: [True] Allow to move the group children.

static create_custom(workspace: workspace.Workspace, **kwargs) GroupType[source]

Creates a new instance of GroupType for an unlisted custom Group type with a new auto-generated UUID.

classmethod find_or_create(workspace: workspace.Workspace, entity_class, **kwargs) GroupType[source]

Find or creates an EntityType with given UUID that matches the given Group implementation class.

  • workspace – An active Workspace class

  • entity_class – An Group implementation class.


A new instance of GroupType.

geoh5py.groups.notype_group module

class geoh5py.groups.notype_group.NoTypeGroup(group_type: geoh5py.groups.group_type.GroupType, **kwargs)[source]


A group with no type.

classmethod default_type_uid() uuid.UUID[source]

geoh5py.groups.property_group module

class geoh5py.groups.property_group.PropertyGroup(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: abc.ABC

Property group listing data children of an object. This group is not registered to the workspace and only visible to the parent object.

property association:

DataAssociationEnum Data association

property attribute_map: dict

dict Attribute names mapping between geoh5 and geoh5py

property name: str

str Name of the group

property parent: geoh5py.shared.entity.Entity

The parent ObjectBase

property properties: list[uuid.UUID]

List of unique identifiers for the Data contained in the property group.

property property_group_type: str
property uid: uuid.UUID

uuid.UUID Unique identifier

geoh5py.groups.root_group module

class geoh5py.groups.root_group.RootGroup(group_type: geoh5py.groups.group_type.GroupType, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: geoh5py.groups.notype_group.NoTypeGroup

The Root group of a workspace.

property parent

Parental entity of root is always None

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